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Tired of random recruitment messages and irrelevant positions showing up in your inbox? We were too. We founded Staffing Studio with a simple goal: to responsibly connect professionals with local businesses that believe in a better work/life balance and providing career growth opportunities for their employees.

Why Staffing Studio?

Most recruitment agencies are driven by commissions, which has created a negative ecosystem of recruiters spamming candidates and flooding businesses with unqualified and unvetted candidates. Worst of all, it makes working with a recruiter work against you in the hiring process, as companies prefer to avoid paying commissions on candidates with resumés they can't trust.

  • We partner directly with every employer, so you'll be welcome and respected from day one.
  • Our unique pre-interview ensures we're only sending you opportunities that fit your unique needs and career goals.
  • Career growth is important to us, we'll help you start your search with free resumé review and interview prep.
  • Network with the best and brightest professionals for advice and support via local events and our social media channels.
  • Going back to work after a Mom Pause? We've got you covered with our advice and expertise in finding trustworthy, local caregivers for your family.
  • Our services are free to you - even after you land your dream job!

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