For Families

As a parent, it can be hard to remember that you can't do everything yourself when you're solving problems all day. We all need help from time to time, so let Staffing Studio be your ally! We're local parents committed to providing our neighbors with the finest in-home care in the area.


Whether you're looking for a little part-time help around the house or trying to get back into your career after your "mom pause", we have in-home caregivers ready to help!

Full-time Care
Finding a full-time caregiver can feel pretty daunting - you want someone who can handle anything your kids throw at you the same way you would! You can rest assured Staffing Studio takes the worry out of the caregiver search with a multi-point reference check and personal vetting of all candidates, so you can focus on getting back into your groove.
Part-time Care
Sometimes you just need a little help to get through the week. Maybe you work from home and need some guaranteed time to take calls, or you only have a part-time job with variable hours. We've got you covered!
Summer/School Break Care
For many parents of school-aged children, the summer months or school breaks can present a childcare challenge. From hanging out at the pool, to playing soccer in the backyard, or going on family trips, our caregivers can help keep kids active and engaged during school breaks year-round.


Every Staffing Studio caregiver has undergone thorough background checks by 3rd party security specialists, a comprehensive application process, safe driver checks, and has access to regular classes offered by our local partners to constantly improve necessary skills and earn certifications in multiple caregiving specialities.

Our process

After we’ve established your family's needs for a caregiver, we’ll begin finding your perfect match.

  • 1-time start search fee of $100 to start a search
  • Placement fee of 6 weeks salary for your caregiver
  • Minimum $1000 placement fee